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"Eurovision Home Concert" mit Diodato und Dami Im. Diodato, Italiens ESC-​Kandidat , singt in ein Mikrofon. © RAI. Diodato aus Italien. Alle Infos rund um den ESC: Porträts der teilnehmenden Künstler, Gewinner, Platzierungen, Videos und Bilder zum Eurovision Song Contest. Hier findet ihr alles Bekannte rund um den ESC Happy New Eurovision Season! 🥳 Today is September 1., which means: All songs released from now on​. Eurovision Song Contest Anmeldeschluss. Herzlichen Dank für die tollen Songs! Die Selektion des Songs geschieht über mehrere Stufen und Etappen. Ein letztes Mal finden heute die Eurovision Home Concerts statt und das beliebte YouTube-Format warteteinmal mehr mit einem richtigen.

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Alle Infos rund um den ESC: Porträts der teilnehmenden Künstler, Gewinner, Platzierungen, Videos und Bilder zum Eurovision Song Contest. Ein letztes Mal finden heute die Eurovision Home Concerts statt und das beliebte YouTube-Format warteteinmal mehr mit einem richtigen. "Eurovision Home Concert" mit Diodato und Dami Im. Diodato, Italiens ESC-​Kandidat , singt in ein Mikrofon. © RAI. Diodato aus Italien. Esc Home

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Turn on more accessible mode Skip to main content Turn off more accessible mode. Sign In. ESC Exhibition. Advanced Search. All Congresses. They will be given instructions from the border personnel concerning, in particular, required action in case they develop symptoms of respiratory infection, in which case they must immediately contact the National Public Health Organization EODY Operations Centre.

If arriving travellers plan to have multiple stop-overs in Greece, they must declare this and report their initial destination and their travel itinerary for the next 7 days.

Arriving travellers who test positive for Covid are obliged to self-isolate at the address of their final destination as declared on their Passenger Locator Form PLF.

Their data is entered into the EODY information system, which is linked to the Covid registry to facilitate contact tracing in the event someone tests positive.

Upon completion of the screening, and after having received instructions concerning self-isolation and until the results of their screening are announced, they can enter the country.

Masks or face coverings are mandatory in public transport, taxis, lifts, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.

Masks are recommended in supermarkets, hair salons and other enclosed spaces. Those violating the rules may be fined Euros.

Physical distancing measures are in effect until further notice. The land borders with Albania, North Macedonia and Turkey remain closed until further notice.

As of on 15 July, all travellers entering Greece for non-essential reasons through the Promachonas border crossing point will be obliged to present the proof of a negative test upon arrival.

The certificate should be dated within 72 hours of taking the test. Only travellers who have such proof will be allowed to enter Greece by the border authorities.

National Reference laboratories b. National Public Health Laboratories, or c. Private laboratories which are accredited from the respective national accreditation authorities not necessarily specifically for COVID Certificates that do not fulfil the above criteria will not be accepted.

Certificate forgery is punished by Greek Law. Travellers will still have to complete and submit their PLF form and may be subject to random testing upon arrival at the Greek border.

In order for these changes to be implemented, the PLF system will not be available for travel through Promachonas until of 14 July.

Travellers who had already issued their PLF forms will still be able to cross the Promachonas border crossing, but travellers without a PLF form will not be allowed to enter and should reschedule their trip for Wednesday 15 July.

The other land border stations remain closed for non-essential travel. Further information can be found here. The following provisions do not apply anymore: -Obligation to have a self-certification.

It was decided at first to ban these vehicles from using the tunnel as of 1 July From 1 July until 30 September , Euro 3 and Euro 4 goods vehicles over 3.

A declaration has to be filled out in Italian, French or English. No official reintroduction of the driving bans for international transport has been communicated by the Italian authorities.

However, transport operators have reported fines in the previous weeks for circulated on supposed restricted days.

Please be informed of the dates for the upcoming driving bans in Italy should theoretically apply only to national transport : — Friday 7 August — Saturday 8 August — Sunday 9 August — Friday 14 August — Saturday 15 August — Sunday 16 August Crew Changes Restrictions: Yes Crew shore leave is not permitted!

No shore pass are issued! All Italian citizens and guests are ordered to absolutely avoid any movement into and out of the Italian territories, as well as within the same territory, except for journeys motivated by indifferent working needs or situations of emergency.

Port Restrictions Restrictions: Yes All ships to request Sanitary Free Pratique regardless of last port and flag, same must be sent not earlier than 12hrs prior upto 4hrs before arrival to the e-mail address of the local Sanitary office indicated by local agent, with the following docs:.

People cannot use public or private means of transport to reach a different municipality from the one they are currently in, with the exception of work or health reasons or in cases of extreme urgency.

Direct and indirect flight connections to and from those countries are suspended. Passengers arriving from non-EU countries are not allowed to enter the country with the exception of residents and nationals of the EU, diplomats, and other international representatives.

Date: 24th June- 15th July Bulgarian authorities extended the state of emergency. Exemption to the quarantine provisions are granted to Bulgarian citizens and citizens of other EU Member States, UK, and Schengen States including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican who are: -Travelling for humanitarian reasons -Representatives of trade, economic and investment activities and persons directly involved in the construction, maintenance, operation and security of strategic and critical infrastructure of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The journey must be certified by a letter from the Minister of Economy or other ministries responsible for the respective activities.

Persons involved in shipbuilding and ship repair, including their family members, are also exempt. On 15 July, Bulgarian authorities extended the emergency epidemic situation until 31 July The measures for drivers remain the same.

The Bulgarian General Directorate of Border Police has received information from the Greek border authorities that from on 22 July the Greek checkpoint Exochi, adjacent to the Bulgarian Ilinden, will be closed in both directions for all travelers, regardless of their nationality, and for all types of vehicles, including trucks.

The checkpoint will be closed until 3 August Seafarers: Expired certificates extended by three months Seafarers may work for up to three months after the expiry of their medical certificate.

Seafarers with expired foreign STCW certificates will be granted a temporary exemption for up to 3 months. Bulgaria has suspended until further notice international trains, performing cross-border passenger services to and from neighbouring countries — Turkey, Greece, Serbia, and Romania.

Start date: Date: From 22 May Anyone permitted to enter the territory of Bulgaria without quarantine ie. This declaration is available in Bulgarian, English, and Romanian.

In order to minimise waiting times, drivers are advised to fill in the declaration prior to their arrival at the border crossing points.

International goods transport drivers entering Bulgaria are reminded that they should still complete and sign a declaration, which is now available in Bulgarian and Romanian, English, Turkish and Czech.

Validity of driving licenses Date: The extension period is valid only on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. If the person wants the driving licence can be renew before the end of 6 months period.

As of 2 June , individuals entering Bulgaria who are not subject to quarantine provisions are still required to present a declaration to the border authorities.

On 12 June, the Bulgarian government extended the state of emergency until 30 June. The same measures apply. The use of face masks is only mandatory on public transport, in pharmacies and medical institutions, and strongly recommended when physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

The entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is prohibited to all third country non-EU nationals through all border crossing points by all means of transport.

Transport personnel engaged in the transport of goods are excluded from the scope of this order. Date: From 1st June Romania resumed the international road transport of passengers through regular services, special regular services and occasional services in international traffic.

The restriction applies to vehicles over 7. Friday — between 14h00 — 22h00 the following days: Saturday — between 06h00 — 22h00 the following days: Alternative routes: — For vehicles with an authorised total weight of more than 7.

If no suspect cases, the ship will proceed to berth with crew members being forbidden to go ashore till expiry of the 14 days incubation period.

Romanian authorities would bind any vessel calling Black Sea and Danube River ports to a 14 day quarantine period at roads prior to be allowed in port.

Exercise caution on how authorities would view running of 14 days. Suspension of direct rail transport services with border countries Upon entry to Romania they must present an employee certificate signed by the employer.

Drivers transiting Romania must fill out a form when entering the country. The form must be handed over at the border of exit.

Extension of seafarers certificates On 22 April, UNTRR confirmed that, although the Romanian Authorities have not sent the updated information to the European Commission regarding the extension of the state of emergency until 15 May , it is understood that documents such as licences, transport certificates, authorisations, etc.

Therefore, documents issued by the Romanian Road Authority that expire during the state of emergency will remain valid until 15 May and can be renewed within 90 days of that date.

Documents can be sent by post. The validity of Romanian driving licences expiring during the state of emergency has also been extended until 13 August For more information, please see here.

The latest valid legal basis can be found here. Hygiene regulations: a mechanical protective device community mask covering the mouth and nose area must be worn on board aircraft.

The wearing of a mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose area does not apply to children up to the age of 6 and to persons who cannot be expected to wear the device for health reasons.

Third-country nationals arriving from Schengen area, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, San Marino, United Kingdom or Vatican are required to provide a health certificate5 not older than 72 hours which confirms that a negative molecular biological SARS-CoV test is given and are required to start a days quarantine.

Remaining persons are required to provide a health certificate5 not older than 72 hours which confirms that a negative molecular biological SARS-CoV test is given or are required to start a day quarantine.

Exemptions apply to persons are allowed to enter Austria, but are required to provide a health certificate5 not older than 72 hours which confirms that a negative molecular biological SARS-CoVtest is given : persons traveling on business, members of diplomatic missions and staff of international organizations, humanitarian workers, nursing and health personnel, seasonal workers, cargo-transport workers, and some other categories.

For driving restrictions, please see information in German here. If the distance of at least 1 meter is not possible due to the number of passengers and when boarding and alighting, an exception can be made.

Amendment of the Shipping Act Documents, certificates, proofs and the like with limited validity that would expire after 13 March remain valid until 31 May Deadlines that expire after 13 March will be suspended until 31 May The Federal Minister is authorised to extend the date by decree until 31 December at the latest if this is necessary due to measures to prevent the spread of COVID Drivers and companies are advised that double manning is permitted, provided that appropriate safety distances 1m , masks and the general COVID rules of conduct are observed.

It is mandatory to wear a mask in public places when entering service stations, toilet facilities, petrol stations — inside. Date The mandatory wearing of mechanical protection devices covering the mouth and nose area and providing a barrier against droplet infection applies to all business premises exempted from the restriction and to public transport.

Please see here. Entry restrictions and quarantine measures do not apply to people working in international transport. Details can be found here.

Measures apply as from 1 July. From 18 May The weekend and holiday driving bans have been fully reintroduced in the Czech Republic for trucks and combination vehicles with a MPW of over 7.

Foreigners coming from high-risk countries are still subject to provisions to comply with upon entry. Rules in detail can be read here.

Drivers will have to demonstrate that their travel into the UK is part of their job. They can do this in a number of ways, for example a letter from their employer, a consignment note or the operator licence would be acceptable.

UK authorities provided an indicative template for a letter from the employer; using this template is not mandatory. The suspension runs from 1 August to 31 July Foreign operators who have already paid the levy as an annual payment will be able to claim a refund for the period 1 August to 31 July , through their user account.

Crew Changes Restrictions: Yes There are no border closures but it is almost impossible to conduct a crew change, as all hotels and restaurants in the UK are now closed and the general public have been asked to minimise social contact and leave their residence for essential purposes only.

UK Foreign Office has advised against all overseas travel and requested UK nationals overseas to return home.

Port Restrictions Restrictions: Yes Declarations of Health are mandatory, along with details of prior crew changes. Ports are open and trade is flowing.

Selected terminals are restricting visitors and shore leave. Cruise vessels are permitted, many are using the UK to lay-up. We are seeing some delays due to the reduced availability of shore labour in the container and RoRo sectors.

Drivers need to prove that the travel is part of their job. In addition, the UK locator form must be completed by anyone arriving in the UK, including all professional drivers and freight workers.

Other documents that drivers must have are the consignment note and the True Certified Copy of the Community Licence The locator form declaration cannot be submitted more than 48 hours before the arrival in UK.

UK authorities have provided guidance in several languages about the contact locator form that individuals need to fill in upon arrival.

These documents have been drafted to cover all passengers, not only freight drivers. Whilst freight drivers are exempt from the day self-isolation requirement, referred to in the document, they do have to fill in the form.

The locator form can only be filled out online. In case of multiple entries in the UK within 48 hours, multiple journey can be included in the form.

Since 8 June, new border measures as well as a day quarantine apply to most arrivals in the UK. Drivers have to demonstrate that their travel into the UK is part of their job.

They can do this in a number of ways e. UK authorities also confirmed that annex 3 is acceptable proof. Even though they are exempt from quarantine, drivers will have to fill in an online locator form with their contact details and details of their journey.

A recent update now allows drivers to complete the form for multiple journeys to the UK over a 48 hour period. UK authorities have confirmed that they are currently working to further improve the process for hauliers and freight workers, particularly for those travelling to and from the UK multiple times during a one-week period.

On 6 July, the UK Home Office published the list of travel corridors from which people arriving into the UK will not have to isolate for 14 days upon arrival, unless they have visited or stopped in any other country or territory in the preceding 14 days.

Those arriving in the UK whose journey started from a country that is not on the list will still have to follow the isolation requirements.

It is expected that the list will grow as time goes on. Rules on travel corridors will apply from 10 July onwards. Passengers are not allowed to enter Switzerland.

This does not apply to nationals or residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein. This does not apply to passengers traveling directly through Switzerland to another country that they are permitted to enter.

This does not apply to passengers who are entitled to freedom of movement and have a professional reason for entering Switzerland and have a confirmation of registration.

This does not apply to passengers who are of great importance as specialists in the health sector. This does not apply to passengers travelling by land to their country of origin or residency within the European Union or Schengen area.

They must have a proof of onward journey. As of 15 June, all border crossing points are open; both private and commercial transport is allowed. Goods drivers are allowed to operate to, from and through Switzerland if they have a bill of lading.

As of 27 June, Swiss public transport has returned to standard timetables, with the recommendation for passengers to wear face masks at peak times.

On 15 June, borders with EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and the UK were opened, and the fines imposed on people doing cross-border shopping lifted.

Travel between Switzerland and a country that is not part of the Schengen Area is still not allowed. Persons with an assurance of a residence permit may enter Switzerland at the earliest three days before the date on which assurance becomes valid.

The border control authority will assess the necessity of such situation. All ports are now requesting health declaration from all vessels, if all crew are healthy then vessel will be allowed to berth.

Shore leave is restricted. Some medical assistance available, however only for emergency. On 25 May, it was confirmed that relaxations of driving and rest times rules currently in place in Sweden will not be extended further.

Therefore, as from on 1 June, normal driving and rest time periods will apply. On 28 May, the Spanish Ministry of Transport informed that relaxations of driving and rest time rules will not be renewed after 31 May.

The instructions include the following: — for the transport of passengers by road, it is mandatory to wear a mask both drivers and passengers ; — for the transport of goods by road, it is mandatory to wear a mask in cases of double manning in the cabin.

This new regulation takes effect on 4 May With the end of the nationwide state of emergency, Spanish authorities have decided to reinstate normal driving restrictions for goods vehicles.

Date: From of 21 June onwards Driving restrictions will fully apply for the following categories of vehicles: Goods vehicles Vehicles transporting dangerous goods Vehicles carrying out exceptional load transport operations.

National transportation is substantially reduced for passenger transport, but freight transport is not affected by the measures.

As from 12 May, an Order of the Spanish Government has announced a 14 day mandatory quarantine measure for individuals returning from abroad.

These people must isolate at home, and can only leave their home for limited and justified reasons.

Source: CETM. On 29 June, the Spanish Government extended the closure of external borders until 8 July or until the EU Resolution enters into force, which may be before 8 July.

Goods transport remains exempted from the provision. Date 26 May The Slovenian Government issued a new Ordinance which updates conditions for entry into the country.

The ordinance immediately entered into force and provides for the following: The Gorjansko — San Pelagio border crossing point, on the border with Italy, is now open.

The ordinance contains the full list of open border crossing points. Slovenian citizens and foreigners with temporary or permanent residence in Slovenia can now enter the country without mandatory quarantine.

Exceptions to this rule are listed here. Travellers coming from third country must quarantine for 14 days. Health authorities have also published guidelines for regular and occasional passenger transport operators in Slovenian only , with which all buses and coaches must comply while driving in Slovenia.

Vessel can call if performing commercial operations discharging or loading cargo, commercial cruising, military visit, or emergency call only.

Slovenian-Italian borders are closed for passenger transport by train and international occasional and regular bus services.

At national level, the transport of goods is allowed for postal items, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid. Slovenian-Italian borders are also closed for passenger transport by train and international occasional and regular bus services.

Date: from 11 June Slovakia has opened all border crossing points with neighbouring countries, with the exception of Poland.

It is forbidden for the crew to disembark and crew changes are only allowed for Slovak nationals or residents. Cargo vessels in transit may use the berths on the Danube river and its navigable tributaries to comply with the vessel crew work regime.

Special conditions apply to replenishment of fuel, food and water supplies. River cruises are prohibited. The landing, berthing and anchoring of all passenger cabin vessels is prohibited on the Danube waterway and its navigable tributaries.

Suspension of international rail transport and reduced domestic rail transport From am on Friday, 13 March , all passenger trains were cancelled at all cross-border railway sections.

If these trains also provided carrier national transport, the trains remained functional in the territory of the Slovak Republic. From 14 March all domestic trains are operated according to the regular schedule for a Saturday.

From 18 March , intercity trains have been suspended. Limitation to national bus services and requirement to wear protective equipment This is the responsibility of self-governing regions and municipalities.

The competent authorities and carriers have taken measures to ensure that all passengers are required to have protective equipment face mask.

The operation of the national bus service is according to the holiday schedules or, for example, the schedules in force on Saturday.

As from 10 June, Slovakia has started classifying third countries on the grounds of safety risks. Individuals travelling to Slovakia, who in the previous 14 days have visited a country that is not considered to be safe, must provide proof of a negative test result not older than 96 hours upon arrival at the border.

In cases where individuals enter Slovakia from an unmanned border crossing point, they must immediately submit proof of a negative test to the competent Regional Public Health Authority in English, German, Czech or Slovak.

They must then self-isolate at home and repeat the test on the 5th day of isolation at the earliest. Isolation lasts until the result of the test is negative.

International goods transport drivers remain exempted from any provision. Police escort for trucks in transit through Serbia has been abolished as of 2 April , which will enable faster transportation of goods to end customers.

Drivers will receive a map of the dedicated resting points at the border crossing points. Stopping or parking out of these specific points is strictly forbidden and will be subject to sanctions.

Drivers must wear protective masks and gloves. Intercity, urban and suburban bus and rail transport operations have resumed; face masks are mandatory when using public transport in Belgrade.

It is no longer necessary to have a negative PCR test or special permit to enter Serbia. The government also abolished self-isolation requirements upon entry.

Travellers should be prepared for restrictions to change with little notice. The website of the government provides regular information on these measures.

Passengers are not allowed to enter the country, with exception to nationals and residents of the country, diplomats, airline crew and official delegations.

Date: from 25 May A new land border crossing point will open in Kani-Kurgan, in the Amur region on the border with China.

The border crossing point will be operating on a temporary basis, only allowing cross-border movement of goods at first.

The projected capacity is vehicles per day and its opening will reduce the workload at other border crossing points with China.

Members are advised that the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe border crossing point will only open after consultations between relevant authorities in Russia and China are concluded, and after restrictions caused by Covid pandemic are removed.

As of 17 June, controls on access to some regions within Russia remain in place. Transport operators going to the city of Chita Zabaikalye territory have to obtain a digital pass by applying on this portal English version here.

The application form should be filled in, printed out, signed and sent by email to the following addresses, depending on which border crossing point the operator is planning to use: pogr primorsky.

The permitted arrival date will be determined based on actual current capacity of the border crossing point and number of already submitted applications.

The same procedure will be if there was a crew change in ports with a high risk of infection and 14 days have not passed since the crew arrived.

The movement of any person or transport in the city of Moscow or the surrounding region must obtain a special digital permit. Exemption is granted to international freight transport in the Moscow surrounding region at any time of day, and in the city of Moscow during the night Entry into the city of Moscow during daytime hours will only be permitted for those in the possession of a special HGV permit regulated by Moscow Government Order of 22 August No.

This is to allow the works for the extension of the highway to the border to be finished. Exceptional load transport operations are also banned from using this section of motorway.

These border crossings are open on weekdays from until Extension of validity of driving licenses and certificates for other professionals; suspension of training activities Portugal has notified an extension of validity of driving licenses and certificates for other professionals where the expiry date is after the Driving teaching and face-to-face training activity for professional certification has been suspended.

Passenger Locator Card PLC paper or electronic and health statement have to be filled out when entering the airport. Temperature screening is mandatory.

As of on 13 June, controls at internal borders in Poland have been lifted and all border crossing points have been opened.

The lifting also implies the lifting of sanitary controls and quarantine requirements. Controls are maintained on borders with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Crew Changes Restrictions: Yes Since 4 of May , borders are open for crew and no 14 days quarantine is required. Crew members must have a proof of employment contract , SB and Passport.

Disembarkation of the crew without approval from Immigration Office is strictly prohibited. Nonconformism to this rule may cause 14 days quarantine at the anchorage and fine.

After berthing all crew should be ready for body temperature testing on deck. Nobody should board the vessel before the results there is also a fine for that.

Polish borders are closed for foreigners. Immigration will periodically check if all crew is on board and high fines could be imposed for breaking this regulation.

On 30 May, Poland lifted the transit ban for goods drivers that carried out international transport operations and are passing through the Polish territory with other means of transport in order to reach their place of rest or get back from it.

As from 23 April, drivers operating in Poland are obliged to wear a face mask whilst they are outside of their cabin. In case there are two people in the cabin, both of them have to wear a face mask whilst driving.

Airports are shut from March 16, although exemptions will be made for Norwegians returning from abroad as well as for goods. In an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus COVID , the Norwegian border control measures will be extended for 90 days, after 15 May.

The current measures in place involve the posting of police and military employees at border stations in order to control persons crossing the borders.

It is important for truck drivers to have their passport and driving license readily available when crossing the border.

As from 19 June, mandatory quarantine in Norway has been reduced from 14 to 10 days. Due to the situation in Sweden, travellers from Sweden except from Gotland still have to quarantine for 10 days.

For work-related travel from countries outside the Nordic countries, 10 days of quarantine upon entry applies. People whose work is strictly necessary to maintain the proper operation of critical social functions, or to meet the basic needs of the population including freight and passenger transport drivers are exempt from the provision.

Members should be aware that drivers are exempted from quarantine in case they are travelling between their place of residence and their place of work, and during the time they are employed.

During their spare time, quarantine is compulsory. All ports open for goods, services, and operations. Date: from 14 May The relaxations of driving and rest time rules have ceased to apply in Norway.

The government decided not to prolong them, therefore drivers operating in Norway should comply with the original provisions.

Borders are shut down for incoming non-resident travelers. All Norwegian citizens and other people who work or live in Norway are still allowed to enter the country.

Norwegian quarantine provisions: these has been no changes — everyone who enters the country must be in quarantine for 2 weeks, except for truck drivers who come by car and for truck drivers who come to work.

The travel ban will affect all non-EU nationals from visiting the bloc. The exception to the EU entry Ban for transport personnel engaged in haulage of goods sees to container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, fishery, personnel engaged in the energy sector, meaning oil- and gas platforms, windmill parks and offshore companies providing services to this sector.

In case of deviations from the Maritime Health Declaration, Port Authority will contact the Municipal Health Service for recommendations about the reported case.

A yellow quarantine flag is not necessary in the Netherlands. No restrictions for vessels to enter port, except for cruise vessels see ports for specification.

Shore leaves are strictly discouraged. Crew members are only permitted to go ashore for medical reasons. Temporary relaxation of periodical checks for train drivers and other railway safety personnel.

The Netherlands have notified a temporary relaxation on periodic checks such as medical suitability, psychological suitability, and staff competence regarding train drivers and other railway personnel in safety functions.

Individuals entering Moldova must fill in a medical card and sign a declaration of personal liability for compliance with the self-isolation regime for 14 days at specified locations.

Sea passenger transport is banned until further notice. No restrictions on sea freight, between Malta and the continent.

People urgently travelling to Malta from countries other than those mentioned above have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

Date: 15th May International passenger transport between the Baltic States is authorised. The government decided to authorise the resumption of international passenger transport by air, sea, bus and rail from and to Lithuania and Estonia.

International passenger transport to other destinations will still require the permission of the Minister for Transport, based on a case-by-case basis.

Latvian nationals and permanent residents, as well as foreigners who have not visited other countries in the last 14 days, except Lithuania or Estonia, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian nationals who cross Latvia in transit, do not have to spend 14 days in self-isolation.

Persons who transit through Latvia do not have to spend 14 days in self-isolation either. Amendments to the Order provide that persons who have arrived in Latvia from abroad, except Estonia and Lithuania, may only use public transport if they have self-isolated and they must cover their mouth and nose within the public transport network.

Crew Changes Restrictions: Conditional Local crew change permitted. Borders closed for passenger traffic, airports closed for passenger traffic.

Port Restrictions Restrictions: Yes Health declarations are required. Seaports closed for passenger traffic. Crew should stay on board as much as possible.

Social distancing mandated. Medical assistance is available. Extensions to certificates and surveys can be granted if necessary.

Extensions are currently for one month, but may be increased to three months if the situation worsens. New certification of seafarers is restricted to urgent cases.

Expired medical certificates may be considered valid for up to three additional months. The State of Emergency ended in Latvia on June 9.

The Government of Latvia is monitoring the rates of COVID in these countries and passenger from countries with more than 15 cases per , inhabitants will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

International passenger transport operations cannot be performed to countries listed by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

The transport of workers that is specifically carried out so that they can fulfil their work duties is exempted from this provision. From 10 June, movements of people to and from countries at risk is banned; road transport workers are exempt from this provision, as well as from quarantine requirements upon entry into Latvia.

The wearing of masks is mandatory in the terminals and onboard crew included. Thorough cleaning disinfection of airlines after every flight required.

Thermoscanners are authorised. Health declarations are needed. Physical distancing onboard and at the airport required.

Temporary border checks at the land borders with Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium. Despite the general limitations of the movement of persons to fight against Covid spreading, the following provisions apply in France regarding the transport of goods: cross-border flow of goods are authorized to enter the French territory as long as it is compatible with the protection of public health.

However, in the context of the current Covid pandemic, there is now a derogation of this rule. It is not a change as they are checking on documents already provided through prearrival usual procedure ISPS and Health declaration.

Terminals still working in reduce team. On 10 June, FNTR received the following clarifications from national authorities: drivers do not have to present a declaration that certifies the absence of Covid symptoms, nor the lack of contact with a positive case.

The Decree of 31 May sets out a declaration of lack of symptoms which is only mandatory for air passengers, and optional for sea and inland waterway passengers.

Moreover, road transport workers are not obligated to obtain a declaration from the client that certifies that their work cannot be postponed.

The following temporary relieves apply: — Daily driving times extended to 10 hours a day. Drivers can also choose to drive for 11 hours a day for a maximum of two days during a week — Extension of weekly driving times to 60 hours a week and hours on two consecutive weeks, provided such extensions respect legal provisions on driving and rest times applicable to drivers.

Road freight transport conditions are applicable to drivers and staff at loading and unloading points o Social distancing rules must be observed.

No physical contact with the customer is permitted. On 14 May, the French Ministry of the Interior issued an authorisation form with which transport companies can perform domestic operations beyond km from their place of establishment and outside their department of residence.

On 24 June, the Finnish Government updated policies on travel and border crossing rules. Travel to Finland has been allowed for people coming from Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland.

The Government will continue to assess the overall situation in the Schengen Area and the EU Member States until 10 July, and will update the list of countries based on the development of the pandemic at that time.

Based on the current epidemiological assessment, internal border control and travel restrictions will continue between Finland and the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Poland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, with the exception of leisure boating.

Anyone travelling from Finland to these countries must remember to check the entry restrictions for the country of destination. Crew Changes Restrictions: No Crew exchanges are permitted in all ports.

Port Restrictions Restrictions: No Government has expanded measures and has terminated the carriage of passengers bysea transport, with the exception of goods and freight transport.

Port of Helsinki has cancelled cruise ships calls until restrictions are lifted. Normal driving times and rest periods will apply again as of 1 June On 19 May, the Finnish Parliament adopted a legislative package on temporary modifications to transport legislation.

This applies to licences that expire between 16 March and 31 October Inbound passenger transport operations are suspended, except for citizens and residents returning to Finland.

Finnish citizens and residents must not travel abroad. As of 1 June, the Estonian borders have been reopened for people arriving from European countries.

Crew Changes Restrictions: Conditional Crew changes now permitted alongside, not at anchorage. Local agent will need to obtain prior approval from authorities.

Accommodation of crew members at hotels is not permitted. Only citizens of Estonia and holders of Estonian residency permits or rights of residence can enter Estonia, as well as foreign citizens with family members living in the country.

There are no restrictions for exiting the country. Passengers are not allowed to enter the country, with exception to residents and nationals and passengers with connecting flights.

Passengers who can prove that they have vehicle parked at the airport which they will use to travel to a connecting country e.

Sweden will be allowed to do so. Date: From 15th June Persons tourists permanently residing in Germany, Norway and Iceland will also be allowed entry if they can prove that they will stay a minimum of 6 nights in Denmark outside Copenhagen.

The rule does not apply to drivers. For persons residing in Sweden and Finland — a decision has not yet been reached. On 12 June, the Danish authorities have informed of the opening of Padborg border crossing point from 13 June, from to Members are advised that controls will be increased.

Members are reminded that goods drivers are allowed to enter the country unless they show symptoms of Covid virus.

Concerning ADR certificates for drivers, Denmark has signed the M multilateral agreement: driver training certificates expiring between 1 March and 1 November will remain valid until 30 November In addition, despite section 6a 2 , 1 of the Freight Forwarding Act, the exchange of drivers between companies with a Danish operating license for international freight transport is allowed, pursuant to section 1 1 1 of the Freight Transport Act.

This applies until 28 April STA-licenses drivers of pilot cars for exceptional transport that expire between 1 March and 30 April will have their validity extended until 31 August This will only apply to transport within the Danish borders.

As of 16 May, Goods drivers transiting through Croatia must only use the motorways. In case the driver crosses the border on secondary roads, he must take the shortest route to the motorway to successfully conclude his transit through the country.

Stopping at rest areas is allowed with the obligation of observing physical distancing, both indoor and outdoor.

Seafarers certificates that will expire before 18 June are granted a general extended validity of up to three months. Expired medical certificates may be treated as valid for up to three additional months.

Temporary endorsements of foreign certificates for up to three months can be applied for. As of 7 May, the requirement for international goods drivers to quarantine upon arrival does not apply anymore.

On 24 June, the Croatian government announced new measures to contain the spread of the virus. As of of 25 July, masks are compulsory on public transport both for passengers and drivers ; passengers not complying with the provision will not be allowed to take the public transport.

Citizens from other EU countries can enter Croatia, provided they are able to prove the reason for their travel. The government has also set out a special regime for some people entering Croatia: individuals coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia, have to self-isolate for 14 days upon entering the country.

The measure does not apply to passengers transiting through Croatia. People transiting through Croatia, to reach a neighbouring country, must check the Ministry of Interior website to learn whether they are eligible to enter Croatia.

Once travelling, people must have evidence of their status and eligibility to enter that country before Croatia can permit their entry for transit.

The Ministry of Transport of Belarus introduced temporary restrictions on axle loads of vehicles operating on public roads from 1 July to 20 September.

Therefore, the maximum permissible axle load for vehicles running on asphalt concrete pavement will be 6 tonnes. The restriction will apply from to inclusive.

The provision does not apply to the following cases: sections of toll roads; M highway Second ring road around the city of Minsk; section from km 0 to km The Government of Belarus has issued a Regulation No.

The extension for 30 calendar days will be applicable to the above documents in cases where the validity date expires between 1 May and 30 May The Government of Belarus has issued Regulation No.

This document shall enter into force on 10 April The new regulation notably requires that self-isolation requirements shall also be applicable to drivers after completion of international road transport of goods in the territory of Belarus.

This also includes drivers who were replaced, in the course of the transit transport operation, and are arriving from countries where COVID has been registered.

This applies until the next road transport operation or within 14 calendar days. The regulation also requires that drivers performing international road.

On 26 May, the Government of Belarus informed of a new procedure for booking a place in the queue at the border. Companies should be aware that the service is not mandatory, does not come for free and only concerns transport operators crossing the border with Latvia.

The list of specialised places for stopping parking for rest and meals for drivers and refuelling vehicles in transit through the territory of Belarus has been extended.

The obligation to leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus by the shortest route, and no later than the day after the day of entry onto its territory, does not apply to drivers in transit if it is necessary to obtain a special permit on the transport of dangerous goods during the international road transportation.

The new edition contains a list of motorways on which vehicles in transit are obligated to pass and stopping parking for rest and meals for drivers, refuelling vehicles is now possible in accordance with Appendix 1 to the Resolution No.

This list has been expanded by more than 40 stopping points. In addition, changes were made that affected the following provisions: — the requirements of the Resolution No.

The form of the requirement for the driver in transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus using the vehicles intended for international road transport is set forth in the new edition.

Notably, drivers in transit are no longer requested to use designated highways or stop for rest and fuelling at designated rest areas or fuel stations, or exit Belarus, no longer than the next day, upon the date of entry.

Drivers are no longer required to use navigation seals for transit via the territory of Belarus. Navigation seals will be offered as an alternative to customs convoy in cases required by the legislation.

Also, drivers who failed to comply with the above requirements will no longer be requested to use navigation seals for transit via the territory of Belarus.

The Resolution enters into force on 1 July Date: 7th June- 30 September

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